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  • The main Vision of Kenyu Ryu Karate Do South & Mddle East Asia Federation is to become such a platform for the open minded individuals / team where they can learn traditional Japanese Karate Styles. We believe an individual's passion and urge to learn an Art like Karate is more important than getting affiliated to a particular karate style. Our traditional style Karate being Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu, we accept any style players and Dojos.
  • We invite applications for Dojos from any Club / District / State/ South and Middle East Asian Countries, practicing Karate Styles without any discrimination. Any age / sex / religion / origin of karate style as you enter our dojo, we become a family. We give and take Respect. The associated Dojos are strictly adviced to keep contact with us without any faults.
  • To share the life of karate within us to others, who actually want to learn the art of Karate by becoming an International Center of Education teaching the traditional values of Karatedo. Training of the best skills in Kumite, and traditional Kata's, also welcome friendship from all over the world.
  • To conduct International Karate Seminars, and provide direct training sessions by grand masters and Karate Championships in which the players can get to know the skills at an international level.