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Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India (JKKI)

Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India, is the Indian Chapter of JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, the world-famous Karate School founded by Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori . JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, our parent organization has its Head quarters in Osaka, Japan. It has been affiliated to Japan Karate do Federation. Ours is a premier institution in India, striving to propagate quality Karate education and practice in India as well as South and Middle East Asian Countries. The School is headed by Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta (7th Dan Black Belt Japan, KAI and WKF), the Shibu-cho & Chief Instructor. Our School is well-equipped with a team of instructors with rich experience in Karate and a variety of martial art forms. The Shibu-cho, Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta is an expert in Karate (7th Dan Black Belt),Well versed in Kyusho the Vital / Pressure Points,Kobudo and Judo. He has also been trained in Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art of Kerala and Marma Sasthra as well.

The students of JKKI would get extensive training of international standards through the Dojos, spread over different parts of the country. The classes would be handled by efficient instructors as per the International syllabus. The students and practitioners would also get ample opportunities to participate in various tournaments organized at the local, national and international levels.

Kenyu Ryu Karate Do South & Middle East Asia Federation

This is one of our dream venture coming into existence.

We start and end with respect. Karate is not a sport, it is an Art. The Art of Self Defence, to develope self confidence, to make friends, to build self esteem, to enhance concentration, to relieve stress and also to get fit and stay in shape.
Our Mission is that we can give training in Kenyu Ryu Karate among each and every person all over the world, without any difference in age, caste and religion. May be the person a Poor or Rich, once they enter our Dojo, they are our family.The Kenyu Ryu Family. We want to reach every nook and corner of the World with Love and Respect as well as to teach Karate as an essential Art to each and every person.

About the Person Behind

Shibucho Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta

Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta, the man behind the present position of JKKI is a 7th Dan Black Belt (Japan, KAI, WKF ) He has been the earlier Karate coach in Kerala Police Academy. He is now the President & Chief Instructor of Kenyu Ryu Karate Do South & Middle East Asia Federation and the National Accreditation Coach - Karate Association of India. He is a A Grade Referee of Kumite and A Grade Judge in Karate Association of India (National Fedederation). Kumite Judge of Asian Karate Federation.

Kyoshi Gireesh has achieved 4th DAN Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Kobudo. Kyoshi Gireesh has strted learning martial arts through Kalaripayttu(Traditional Martial Art of kerala and known to be the mother of existing martial arts)

He joined Karate earlier in 1982, Trained under Shihan P J Thomas. Got his 1st Dan Black Belt in the year 1989, from Guruji Rajashekharan.( He continued his training under Dai Sensei Dr Moses Thilak(8th Dan Black Belt), the founder of Shito Ryu Karate Do in India.) After that he got direct training from the GrandMaster Soke Ryuchiro Tomoyori (Red Belt). He has represented our Country in the World Karate Kobudo Championship, in the year 2009 held at Okinawa, Japan. Represented the Indian Team in The Srilankan Kenyu Ryu International Championship in 2010 as the Indian Coach and the same year he got appointed as the Indian Chief for Kenyu Ryu, by Grand Master Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori. Till the grandmaster Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori passed away in 2014 he has been getting trained under him. They were more like a father-son, than an instructor-student. since then he is getting trained under grandmaster's daughter Soke Aiko tomoyori. Soke recorded as the youngest Soke in the history.

In November 2015, he got his 7th Dan Black Belt from Japan Karate do Kenyu Ryu. He is the first Indian who got Kyoshi Title from the main land Japan also recorded as the Youngest Kyoshi ever appointed.

He is trained not only in Karate, but other arts like Kalari Payattu, Judo and Kobudo. Another art he is well known for is Kyusho The Vital / Pressure Points, in which he is getting trained under the founder of European Kyusho Academy, Grandmaster Hanshi Zsolt Szenasi. He is appointed as the Indian Chief in Kyusho Training and the Indian Branch Chief for World Smart Shito Concept.

The journey of a person from a normal karate kid to a 7th Dan Black belt, having so many ups and downs has today made him a successful Karate Instructor. He is well known for his karate skills and conduct lot of seminars and tournaments.

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