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The school of Karate Kenyu Ryu was founded by Ryusho Tomoyori (1907- 1977), who was born in the village of Motobu (region of Kunigami- prefect of Okinawa) in Japan.

Being very fond of martial arts since childhood, he started learning Karate at the age of six under the guidance of Masters Aragaki and Awane, his relatives. At the age of 15, he reached Naha and trained for about 4 years under the guidance of Chojun Miyagi (1888- 1953) and became one of the best pupils of Kanryo Higaonna (1853 - 1916), who was founder member of the school of Naha-te. Then he moved to Osaka and two years later, in 1929, became the disciple of Kenwa Mabuni (1889- 1953), the Great Grandmaster of Karate and the founder of the Shito-ryu style. Ryusho became one of his best followers and excelled in Karate teaching with his unique teaching methods and his inherent inclination for the martial arts. At the age of 26 he started a Dojo in the city of Sakai and shifted it at first to Umidori Nishinariku and after that to Imafuku - nishi Joto -ku in Osaka. Afterwards, with the approval of Soke Mabuni, he founded his own school viz., KENYU RYU. The name of School Kenyu was derived from the combination of two Chinese characters which represented 'Ken' from Kenwa Mabuni and 'Yu' from Tomoyori (Tomo could be pronounced as 'yu' with the same Chinese characters). )

His son, Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori (8th Dan Black Belt & Hanshi of Japan Karate Federation) was born on the 6th January 1937 at lmafuku-naka (part of Osaka). Ryuichiro started practicing at age 6 under the guidance of his father. After the demise of the founder, he became the head of the organization.

Ranks and titles conferred on Soke Tomoyori by the All Japan Karate Federation

Ranks and titles conferred on Soke Tomoyori by the All Japan Karate Federation

Positions held by Soke Tomoyori :

Member of the Central Karate Technique Committee in 1975 and in 1996. Judge of 1 class qualification (the Judge who taught the grades) from 1997 onwards. Judge for making decisions on the Forms encountered by All Japan Karate Federation. Head of Instructions on Administration of the Osaka Prefect Martial Arts Federation from March 1994 onwards. Head of the Committee for the Techniques of the Karate at Kinki District Council, from April 1998 onwards. Faculty of Physics in the University of Kansai and master teaching at the Karate Club in the University of Kansai and the University of Tenri .Soke passed away in 2014.

The Japan Karate do Kenyu Ryu is presently headed by Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori's daughter Soke Aiko Tomoyori (8th Dan Black Belt ). She is the World President.

Lineage of Japan Kenyu Ryu Karate Do

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