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Dear Applicant,
Thankyou for your interest shown in becoming a member of JKKI. To become a Registered Member of our Organization, all applicants must follow the rules and regulations mentioned herein.

  1. Please submit the application form for Membership (annual fee: 2,000/- for State / and 1,000/- for District / Individual). Also, send us your Curriculum Vitae and some technical information about your karate style. Please submit these documents to the Honbu Wayanad.
    • Registration Form
    • Your CV/Resume (private, professional, martial arts)
    • An e-photo (for our records)
    • Copies of your certificates ( relating to karate)
  2. After we receive your documents and the fees, we will send you the Certificates of Registration for the calendar year . From that moment on you would be a registered dojo/Rep in good standing for the current calendar year (your rank is not certified yet). You can participate in all JKKI seminars, or you can invite Kenyu Ryu teachers and organize a seminar for JKKI in your country (special regulations and application forms apply).
  3. During the first JKKI seminar, you can apply for Certification of Rank. In order to be certified or promoted by JKKI to a higher Dan rank, each candidate needs to pass a technical exam. Technical rules apply.
  4. The annual Membership fee is as follows
    • For State 2,000/-, annually renewable by further payment of 2,000/- during International Karate Seminar for Members
    • For District / Club, 1,000/-, annually renewable by further payment of 1,000/-, during the International Karate Seminar for Members
    • Also note that if renewal is not done within the specific time, the fee may be 4,000/- for State and 2,000/- for District / Club.
  5. Please note that the membership fee has to be paid annually.If the renewal is not done , JKKI deserves all rights to cancel such person's membership.
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