Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India, is the India Chapter of JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, the world-famous Karate School founded by Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori . JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, our parent organization has its Head quarters in Osaka, Japan. It has been affiliated to Japan Karate do Federation.
Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India (JKKI) is a premier institution in India, striving to propagate quality Karate education and practice in the country. The School is headed by Shihan Gireesh Perumthatta (7th Dan Black Belt Karate Association Of India 6th Dan Black Belt Japan & World Karate Federation), the Shibu-cho & Chief Instructor
08 to 12 April 2015; Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Kalpetta, Wayanad District, Kerala State
  Black Belt Holders Tournaments
  Judo Kenyu Ryu Karate
  Kalari Payattu Kerala Yoga & Meditation 
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