Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India, is the India Chapter of JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, the world-famous Karate School founded by Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori . JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, our parent organization has its Head quarters in Osaka, Japan. It has been affiliated to Japan Karate do Federation.
Japan Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India (JKKI) is a premier institution in India, striving to propagate quality Karate education and practice in the country. The School is headed by Shihan Gireesh Perumthatta (6th Dan Black Belt), the Shibu-cho & Chief Instructor
08 to 12 April 2015; Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Kalpetta, Wayanad District, Kerala State
  Black Belt Holders Tournaments
  Judo Kenyu Ryu Karate
  Kalari Payattu Kerala Yoga & Meditation 
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